Social Grind.

We're here to help you generate more attention, more qualified leads and larger networks.

About Us

The digital age evokes change more regularly than ever before. To help you keep up with the new techniques and technologies available, we’ve created Social Grind. We’re here not to give you the theory, but to give you the answers of how to generate either more attention for your brand, more qualified leads or a larger network of candidates.

We started as an agency, but decided to also give others who’d like to do the work for themselves the opportunity to uncover our latest techniques and technologies that we use on a daily basis with our clients.

The Agency
Our Founder

Lewis Gale

Lewis is a technology founder and marketer who’s most namely developed an automation platform that is now licensed out to organizations looking to generate attention through social media platforms.

SocialGrind was established to provide brands integrated design and social media marketing solutions coupled with the latest technology, providing our clients a needed competitive edge.

Get Your Learnin’ On


Exponentially grow your network, followers, and engagement propelling your branding into the community while generating increased website traffic, online enquiries and marketing leads.

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Social Selling

Proven techniques and cutting edge technologies that automatically identify, connect and generate B2B leads for your sales pipeline, giving you the competitive edge over your peers.

Let’s sell!


Grow your network of candidates and become the recruiter everyone comes to rather thant he recruiter everyone hears from with cutting edge techniques and technologies at your disposal.

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