Social Selling

Social Selling

Proven techniques and cutting edge technologies that give you the competitive edge over your peers.

Plug in techniques and technologies you can use to target (and get through to) decision makers, generate leads and close sales without having to cold call.

80% of leads come from LinkedIn

43% of marketers say they’ve sourced a customer from LinkedIn

92% of B2B buyers engage with sales professionals who are known as industry thought-leaders.

How much do you love cold calling? We sure don’t.

Cold calling is a dated, low converting metric of success that is still being used. Our team have experienced the extensive time on the phone, rejection and frustration first hand.

No longer do we face this issue.

LinkedIn has 420,000,000 members.

This might surprise you, but you actually have access to every person you’d ever sell too on LinkedIn.

You can either act on this information, or stick to your ways.

Plug in our techniques and technologies and like our clients you could be generating up to 50 qualifies appointments a week without having to pick up your phone.

Wave goodbye to cold calling!

Say hello new age selling.

What’s the deal?

You go on LinkedIn and see sales professionals who have 10,000 connections + (who are all in their target market) who get likes, comments and engagement on their posts, a ‘thought leader’ in the Industry.

No longer do they have to go out and source business, decision makers on LinkedIn contact them for advice, which is when they make their move.

There is no reason why you cannot be that industry thought leader.

Imagine if…

– You hit 10,000 targeted connections on LinkedIn

– You no longer had to chase business and prospect for hours

– The Industry knows your name and you no longer had to introduce yourself on the phone

– Your LinkedIn posts received thousands of views, promoting your new product or service without you having to call a list of phone numbers

Believe it or not, this is very simple to achieve.

Here are a few reasons why growing your LinkedIn network for sales performance should be your number one priority:

1. Sales is a contact sport; the more people you contact the more sales you’ll be able to make. If you have a database of 10,000 targeted LinkedIn connections you have the opportunity to contact all of them, leading to more sales. With our automation techniques, you can contact all of them without lifting a finger, meaning they send you their details and wait for you to call them.

2. Becoming a thought leader within an industry doesn’t only benefits your sales numbers, but your overall career. If you’re known as that ‘sales gun’ in software with 10,000 targeted LinkedIn connections, you’ll have career opportunities and promotions knocking on your door. The best part is, that LinkedIn network is your asset and no matter what company your working for, you can still sell to them again, meaning no starting from scratch. There is no ‘magic solution’ to creating a list of 10,000 targeted LinkedIn connections, but with 1-2 hours a week you’ll have that database very quickly.

Social Selling

Social Selling

We created Social Selling Superstar to share the exact techniques and technologies we use today with our big brand clients to fuel their sales teams with an international source of qualified leads and they love it.

This has taken over 24 months to perfect.

Before using these techniques and technologies we cold called, which provided underwhelming results, reduced motivation because of the constant frustration and rejection and worst of all, wasted our time.

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Here is everything you can expect when you enroll in Social Selling:

LinkedIn boot camp

The basics of building out a properly structured LinkedIn profile, how to write a summary that appeals to decision makers, selecting a profile photo and LinkedIn search optimization techniques.

How to create content on LinkedIn that targets respond too, when to post it and how to word it for optimised engagement.

Social Selling Strategies

Advanced Sales Navigator workshop which includes setup, account settings, how to search & identify prospects with the appropriate filters and secret tips and tricks.

5 LinkedIn sales strategies that we’ve used with our clients (These strategies has helped one of our clients grow a network of 300K connections on over 35 LinkedIn profiles Internationally).

10 x Connection and Conversion message templates and examples that we currently use with our clients that you can replicate on your profile immediately.

How to optimise your LinkedIn content for engagement and attention to drive profile views and inbound warm leads to your LinkedIn inbox.

And… so many more other bits and pieces we’ve learn over the last 24 months.

Must use Technologies for Social Selling

How to skyrocket your network with automation technology including a comprehensive guide on how to setup, implement, optimise and successfully run the appropriate platforms on your LinkedIn profile (this section includes video tutorials to ensure you’re comfortable with these technologies)

Learn how to utilize the automation platform to its full extent and how to create a workflow to manage inbound enquires and messages.

Social media tools to create, schedule and post LinkedIn content at appropriate times with minimal effort to grow your network on autopilot.

How to run conversion lead generation campaigns and continue engagement with your network to establish relationships and generate leads to your inbox on autopilot with the appropriate technologies.

John DeanCEO, Katalyst Consulting

I was referred to Social Grind by a mutual contact. Their system in less than 4 weeks has created a connection network of more than 1300 key contacts and added over 25 appointments to my diary, and counting. I now have 1300 contacts that I can message and market to. If you are looking to increase your pipeline and network I highly recommend their service.

Adam AgrestaCEO, Agresta Advisory

Prior to engaging with Social Grind we were virtually shooting from the hip in our quest to generate more leads for our business, such is the nature of the beast when building a brand from the bottom up. We Were admittedly skeptical at first, considering the amount of lead generation systems available in the market today. To our absolute surprise and delight within 1 week, literally our leads skyrocketed whilst our cost per lead plummeted. It was that successful we had to slow down the techniques and technologies we now use thanks to Social Grind.

Nick KlappasMD, Elite Wealth Creators

I have used Social Grind since the beginning of 2017. The team at Social Grind have been sensational in providing assistance for our digital marketing activities. We’ve had a further 451 qualified leads to our business since we began and counting.

Jake ParsonsDriver, JP Racing

Social Grind has been assisting us with our social media platforms since the beginning of the year, allowing us to increase our brands presence online by 980%. We’ve also relied on Social Grind to shape our brand into what it is today, developing marketing communication material and brand stand material. Social Grind will continue to handle all our social media as we grow.

Sign Up Today for Instant Access

One-time payment of $298

At this point, you’re probably excited at the possibility of Social Selling Superstar giving you the competitive edge.

But there is probably a few of you who are still uncertain about how this platform will help you, which is completely normal. So let’s clear a few things up…

1. Will I have to pay extra to see results?

Absolutely not, the one-time payment for this system will provide you with all the information and tools you need to see results like our clients, the only thing you have to do is put in a bit of effort.

2. Will growing my LinkedIn network actually help me close more sales?

Yes. If you have 10,000 LinkedIn contacts that are all individuals you could sell too you will close more sales. LinkedIn gives you the ability to build relationships and sell rather than interrupting a person’s day with a cold call.

3. Wouldn’t I just be able to find this information on Google?

We tried that, but after spending years collating information and trying new things we’ve finally landed on the best and most up to date techniques and technologies. As new methods become available we update the guides. Our objective is to give you the answers, not the theory.

Social Grind
Social Selling

Social Selling

Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time regurgitating old blog posts with outdated information. Instead, Social Selling Superstar shares proven methods you’ll only find inside the course. It’s also updated on a regular basis to ensure that the lessons are relevant and fresh.

After following the course, you will…

Have 5,000 new targeted connections who are gnawing at the bit to buy your next product

Finally stop feeling like a typical sales guy, because now you have thousands of people who are ENGAGED with what information you put out and open all of your emails and messages

Be on your way to generating more qualified leads without having to spend time on the phone dealing with rejection

Have access to leading edge technology allowing you to boost your productivity and generate more leads automatically

Finally feel that you can DO this. You’ve got the tools, the know-how, and the strong foundation to leverage your LinkedIn network for growth.

Let’s do this!

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One-time payment of $298